Project: Activity Based Pilot

Flexible work at the University is evolving, and along with it, the Flexible Office strategy must adapt to better support the modern mobile worker. Utilizing existing campus assets, CNA developed a series of rapid pilots in various locations for groups to test and test flexible workplace strategies within. The ultimate goal is a more refined understanding of the spatial needs of our newfound flexible work culture.

A simple definition of Flexible/Activity Based Office:

‘In an open space with no assigned desks, in the morning, the employee arrives at a desk or a desk equivalent of their choice. All day they have the possibility to move freely to other workstations according to their typical work tasks and find an inspiring ‘white page’ adapted/fine tuned to the sequence they need to perform. At the end of the day, they pack their belongings, and goes home.’ CNA

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Project Activity Based Pilot Location Multiple Size Varies Program Mobile Workplace Client Stanford University Architect Chester Nielsen Architects, Inc. Project Delivery 2022