Project: R&DE Fabrication Lab

The R&DE Fabrication Lab is at the heart of their operations. In a time where most production is being outsourced locally or to a foreign country, R&DE ensures that local union labor is entrusted to manufacture, solve, fix, repair and ideate solutions in real time.


CNA’s role was to investigate to determine the ideal workflow for the future RDE Maintenance and Facilities shop space. Through interviews, site analysis, observations and diagrams the team will develop a clear program direction for implementation. CNA then designed and built that solution.


The project focused on an update to an aging existing facility with close attention to project flow and safety.


Key Questions Answered in the New Design:

1. What is the ideal workflow for each trade in the RDE shop?

2. What are planning the opportunities between each trade in the RDE shop?

3. Strategy for effective tool and material storage.

4. Strategy for effective and efficient inventory storage and management.

5. Technology or non-architectural issues that need to be addressed.

Project R&DE Operations Center Renovation Location Stanford, California Size 3,500 sq ft Program Fabrication Lab Client Stanford University Project Manager Department of Project Management, LBRE Architect Chester Nielsen Architects, Inc. General Contractor Barron Builders, Inc. Project Delivery 2020