Project: Workplace Strategy Project

The investigation into the post pandemic work culture has been remarkable in its ability to bring to light the new realities and challenges of collaboration and management in our current time. As this organization fully develops their new methodology of work, CNA is alongside them in the process to ensure that the workspace supports their new flexibility and freedom.

For many team members and managers in the study model (Pilot) it is no small task to change their routine from shelter-in-place norms to return to the workplace. The Workplace needs to adapt and with additional time, the various hurdles are surmountable and a transformation into a flexible hybrid model will be successful.

CNA, through intensive data collection processes, interviews, workshops and pilots is an integral part of this organization's transformation into the forefront of Tech Flex Office.

Project Workplace Strategy Project Location Sunnyvale, California Size Varies Program Modern Mobile Workplace Client Confidential Architect Chester Nielsen Architects, Inc. Project Delivery 2022-2024