Project: Private Residence, British Columbia, CA

Private Residence in British Columbia, CA. Attention to materials, environmental issues, views, solace and the challenge of placing anything on such remarkably beautiful land.

The site is unmatched, with boundaries noted in miles and snowcapped mountains in all directions; a virgin land where we have the privilege to build. This is a special place, with a special client. Both deserve a structure that signifies a profound respect for an individual's personality and the grandeur of the natural world that surrounds it. We created such a place, a shelter of cast concrete and glass under an expansive and unassuming roof. A place that harmonizes the profound culture, taste and intelligence of the owner and the undeniable strength and spirit of the verdant, terra firma that rises all around.

Architect: Chester Nielsen Architects, Inc. General Contractor: TM Builders, Inc. Client: Confidential Location: Confidential